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Welcome to Omnisonic International Ltd, exclusive distributor for some of the music industry's favourite hi-tech brands for Portugal and Spain.

Our catalogue includes some of the most innovative products in the recording industry, including...
• interfaces & outboard from respected brand FOCUSRITE
• British-designed SONTRONICS mics, preamps & accessories
• impressive monitors from French brand FOCAL
TOONTRACK percussion and drum software
• unique synths and controllers from NOVATION
...and much more!

We work hard to supply these brands and products to music shops and retailers as well as into professional studios, installation companies and live sound situations.

Use the links around this site to find out more, click here to visit our Portuguese site. And don't hesitate to contact us to organise a demo or ask any questions!

Novation Bass Station 2

Sontronics HALO

Antelope Audio ZODIAC

Omnisonic International Ltd: distributors in Portugal of Antelope Audio, Aphex, CAD, Chandler, Flux, Focal, Focusrite, Novation, Phoenix Audio, ProCo, Serenade, Softube, Sontronics, Toontrack & Universal Acoustics

THE BASS IS BACK! Welcome the return of the bass with Novation's BASS STATION 2 OUT NOW! SONTRONICS HALO "Forget your SM57 – this is the only mic you need for guitar amps" ... "Sounds amazing!" CLASSY CONVERTER – Antelope Audio announces Zodiac Platinum D/A converter with 256x mode and 768kHz sample rate