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Founded in 1974, Michigan-based ProCo Sound manufactures a wide range of audio interface products from simple guitar cables to complex multicores, audio interfaces plus the famous RAT guitar effects pedals.

Here are just some of the ProCo products we sell…
RAT, RAT2, WFRAT, Turbo RAT and You Dirty RAT pedals
iFace MP3 player to mixer interface
DB series active & passive DI boxes: CB-1, DB-1, DB-2 and DBA-1
IT range of isolation boxes
MS series of mic splitters: MS-2, MS-3, MS-42A, MS-43A, MS82, etc
StageMaster microphone cables
SnakeWorks multicores and switch boxes

To order, email us or call João today on 960 161899. To find out more about ProCo products, visit www.procosound.com

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