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Set up in the UK in 1996, Phoenix Audio was originally created to provide servicing and repairs for British owners of pre-1980 Neve consoles. Using that analogue gear know-how, Phoenix Audio has since evolved into a manufacturer of Class A outboard gear (and moved to California), and is now known for its unique designs and British tone.

Here is just a selection of the Phoenix gear that we carry…
DRS mic preamps (DRS-1, DRS-2 and DRS-8)
DRS-Q4 and DRS-Q4M combined preamp and EQ processors
DRS-EQ500 equalizer for 500-series lunchboxes
Nicerizer 16-channel DAW summing solution
Nice-DI Class A stereo DI box

To order, email us or call João today on 960 161899. To find out more about Phoenix Audio products, visit

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