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Although many people know Novation for its groundbreaking BassStation, DrumStation and Supernova synths of the 1990s, the company is credited with introducing the first dedicated MIDI controller to the world: the MM10 in 1992.

Over the years, Novation has continued to innovate, pushing the boundaries of synthesizer and controller technology thus creating a huge collection of instruments, interfaces and gadgets for the home musician, the gigging DJ and the professional producer.

Here's just a selection of the Novation products we carry…
Launchkey USB keyboard controllers (25, 49, 61 and Mini)
Launchpad DAW pad controllers
Impulse, MiniNova and BassStation 2 synths
Dicer and Twitch DJ controllers
SL MkII and Zero SL MkII controller
Nocturn plug-in controller
V-Station, Bass-Station, Automap and Launchpad software/apps

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