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Based in Iowa, USA, Chandler Ltd creates a wide range of audio hardware products with vintage styling, all of which are hand-wired.

Chandler products include rackmount, lunchbox and pedal effects as well as mixers and controllers. Recently Chandler has been working with EMI and Abbey Road to recreate modern versions of classic equipment used at the legendary studios by such greats as The Beatles and Pink Floyd.

Some highlights from the Chandler range include…
Germanium series preamp/DI, compressor and tone control EQ
EMI/Abbey Road series: TG1 limiter, TG2 preamp, TG Channel, Zener limiter and Curve bender
Little Devil 500-series preamp, compressor and EQ
Mini Rack Mixer modular frame
Little Devil and Germanium Drive guitar pedals
Native and TDM plug-ins: Abbey Road, Limiter, Mastering Pack

To order, email us or call João today on 960 161899. To find out more about Chandler products, visit

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